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Mandy’s Vodka Cocktail Kit

Mandy’s Vodka Cocktail Kit

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You can now make the perfect cocktail at home with our cocktail kits.

Our cordials are great for sharing and now you can purchase them with a bottle of vodka you can create 15 cocktails. The Raspberry & Rosemary, aka Mandy, is an unforgettable match, that you won’t even know you’re drinking alcohol!

We have chosen to partner with Sapling vodka because they are climate positive – for every bottle sold, a tree is planted! Once you purchase your bottle you can find out where your tree has been planted using their tree tracker. How cool is that!

UK delivery only. 18+ only.


Preparation 1 part cordial – 1 part vodka – top up with tonic

Additives No preservatives, flavourings or anything artificial

Origin Made in the United Kingdom

Storage of cordialOnce open, refrigerate for 4 weeks

Storage of vodkaIn the drinks cabinet


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