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Flavour Subscription

Flavour Subscription

£30.00 every 6 weeks + free delivery (excl. NI)

Do you have a favourite flavour…? You can now set up a subscription and we will send you cordial every 6 weeks. It’s as simple as that. What’s more, when you subscribe you get 6 bottles for the price of 5 every time!

Don’t forget our 500ml bottles are great for sharing and will give you between 10 and 15 drinks. They are best served as a sophisticated soft drink with sparkling water, or as a mixer for the perfect cocktail. Check out our cocktail recipe page to see how you can use our cordials!

All our cordials are low in sugar and made from the lumpy and bumpy fruit. To date we have saved nearly 100 tonnes!

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Preparation See back of each bottle

Additives No preservatives, flavourings or anything artificial

Origin Made in the United Kingdom

Storage Once open, refrigerate for 4 weeks

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